Sweet Treats: New Territories


If your like me and you have a major sweet tooth, (and are always thinking about sweets? guilty!) Then your in for a real treat (literally!) because this milkshake can bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard! (also known as the Lower East Side). Located on Orchard street, New Territories has given New York yet another amazing milkshake for instagraming and then drinking, 10 minutes later after the 500 photos have been taken, edited and finally posted.

Perfectly named the "Unicorn Parade" this milkshake looks as sweet as it tastes. Here's what makes up a Unicorn Parade:
-Sprinkles rimmed cup
-Artisan vanilla bean ice cream
-Whipped cream
-Fruity pebbles dust

*Warming this milkshake is not for those who don't like super sweet! It was very sweet and that is coming from me who is OBSESSED with sweet things! Drinks, candy, food, the sweeter the better for me! But I know many people who don't like a sweetness overload. So this is your warning! But I loved it!

New Territories also sells another milkshake but of the chocolate variation called "Mr Grumpy" and epic looking and tasting Bubble Waffle cones with some pretty unique flavors and combinations!


Overall, I really liked the milkshakes, the decor inside the store (even though the neon sign was broken...I love a good neon sign!) but I have to say one of my favorite parts was there was no line! 3pm on a Saturday and no issues getting inside (it's super small!) and I was afraid I was going to be having flashbacks to when I waited in line for Blacktap for two hours in the rain, (another story for another time). But I had no problem getting in and loved that anyone could pop in, get their sweet fix for the day and be on their way.

I would recommend New Territories to anyone who needed a sweet treat fix! And when I go back I need to try the Mr. Grumpy shake! What did you guys think of New Territories when you went and if you haven't gone do you think you will? I'm dying to know!